Bonei Olam without Borders is a unique project that brings leading infertility specialists from around the world on brief marathon treatment missions to communities across the globe. This special program provides access to Bonei Olam’s leading global network of infertility specialists without the difficult cost of travel.

One of the flagship missions of this project is the mission to Israel executed several times each year. The program affords our brothers and sisters in the holy land the highest level of expertise the world over, while eliminating the additional financial and emotional cost of travel.

Many of these world-renowned experts consider it an honor and a privilege to be a part of this special program, often offering their services at highly reduced costs to accommodate the financially challenged clients or the minimal reimbursement standards of Israel’s medical coverage establishment.

The assembly of these high-level teams of specialists for the missions and the underwriting of the prohibitive costs associated with the program are an ongoing financial and logistical challenge to Bonei Olam. But the steadily growing list, now numbering hundreds of medical miracles and untold numbers of generations, makes the program well-worth its expense.