Food Provision & Food Vouchers

In early 2019 the JCC launched a Food Programme designed to help families struggling to feed their children with basic food and bare necessities. 

Now, two years and 3 pandemic waves later the JCC Food Programme has become the “Number One Stop” for families requesting extra help. The JCC runs weekly and monthly food distribution programmes, by delivering food vouchers and monthly food distributions. 

The JCC is desperately hoping to prevent long-term social, communal and health problems down the line, which would otherwise be a predicted outcome for these poverty-stricken youth, growing as they are in low- or no-income families.

By providing hot nutritious meals for hundreds of families and small children of all ages in desperate need of food, it is to be hoped that this concern will remain just this concern. Alongside our hot-meal programme, we also hand out bags of much-needed household groceries on a weekly basis to those who are homebound, families in poverty or lesser able, through our Weekend Take-Home Package Programme.

Whilst our food programs are designed to feed people from all walks of life, It’s also important to understand the demographics of the Orthodox Jewish community where the average family size ranges from 8 people to 15 people fairly larger families, typically where possible both parents would be working full-time jobs yet are still facing server poverty giving the increasing cost of food prices.